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Lezioni Individuali (pagamento a singola lezione oppure pagamento mensile) L'UNIVERSO MUSICALE DI VALERIE (San Giuliano Terme Pisa) Brilli Carlo Musica (Stagno Livorno) Home studio (Calci Pisa)
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Online lesson italiano

procedimento Contact me via the "mail form" of the site. We decide the date and time, type of lesson.
Payment for "Single lesson" must be received two hours before the lesson.
Payment for "Package 11" and "Package 23" must be received 24 hours before the lesson. I'll call you via skype at the time of the lesson. "Pacchetto 11" : The right to receive 11 lessons is within 3 months from the first lesson. "Pacchetto 23" : The right to receive 23 lessons is within 6 months from the first lesson. line procedimento For payment you must have a Paypal account, so you must have a credit card. If you do not have a Paypal account you can make easily, it's free!! line procedimentoGuitar Pro 6Skypeline procedimento 1 PC or Mac, with good requirements, complete a webcam. Windows users:
1 mixer or 1 sound card< with 2 inputs for instrument cable and microphone cable.
utenti Windows
Mac users:
Download the free software "LineIn" and simply input the instrument cable to "line in" of the Mac with the reducer jack "3,5 M".
utenti Mac

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