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Wind Rose "Wind Rose Demo 2010" Myspace, Official site - 8/2010
Wind Rose Demo 2010 01_Majesty
02_Oath to betray
03_Led By Light (The Journey)

Wind Rose
Wind Rose are a very young progressive metal band, operating in Tuscany, Italy. They started playing covers of Dream Theater, Blind Guardian, etc., and performing them in various live. One of Wind Rose’s favourite bands are Symphony X, for their orchestral taste and the various references to classical music.

The interest in combination of classical and metal has convinced Wind Rose to start writing their own material. The three founding members of the band are still attending renowned music schools, in which knowledge of classical music and composition is always present; this makes Wind Rose’s sound very varied, imaginative, and strongly melodic. The entry into the band of singer Francesco Fagiolini helps make their music even more symphonic and powerful, with strong sense of melody and lyrics in a traditional fantasy style.

Wind Rose have recently recorded a Demo with 3 tracks; in these tracks melody, classicism and power are combined in order to create a product that can be appreciated even by non-metal fans. Claudio, Daniele, Federico, Alessio and Francesco firmly believe in this: “Good music, played with heart, can’t have boundaries or prejudices.....” Hugs to all fans and friends.

Wind Rose would like to thank Cristiano Bertocchi, Vision Divine's bass player, for his artistic production!

Members :
Francesco Fagiolini - vocals
Daniele Visconti - drums
Federico Meranda - keyboards
Claudio Falconcini - guitars
Alessio Consani - bass
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