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Began playing at the age of 20 years, cultivating his first musical experiences in the underground of Massa Carrara and La Spezia, forming his first metal band official, Suffer Age. Then in 1993 he joined the Learning Center Musical Koala Massa Carrara under the guidance of the bass teacher Anacleto Orlandi, famous bassist in the area with experience in international field. Career and own real begings with the call in the band Tuscany Labyrinth, which already had a significant number of fans. Immediately after joining the band beginning in 1995, the EP registration "Piece Of Time" that would give rise to full length "No Limits" in 1996, this situation leads to the band a recording contract with a Japanese label that opens the way for the band, meanwhile performing the live shows, growing more and more. Just ready the new material, the Metal Blade label Germany offers the band a worldwide contract and hence the true take-off and propane. Start a series of touring alongside bands such as Helloween, Stratovarious, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall, Angra and Dream Theater, not to mention festivals like the Gods Of Metal with Manowar, Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. The disc's success is "Return To Heaven Denied" (which is in preparation for the second part), followed by the EP "Timeless Crime", albums "Sons of Thunder", "Labyrinth" and "Freeman". Also in 1998 Cristiano takes the road course that continues with great passion even today, as a teacher of the AMM ( Modern Music Institute) of Milan. Currently, besides teaching career playing bass in Vision Divine, actually the best italian band, with this he recorded the album "25th Hour" and the album "9 Degrees West Of The Moon", did a tour in “South America” and Asia. Furthermore, the band is working on a upcoming tour in South America and one in China in 2010.May 2010 My musical influences
came from great musicians like Steve Harris, Cliff Burton, Les Claypool, Stanley Clarke and Mark King. I think that it's very important to catch different styles of music, that's why I listen every kind of music.

Main Concerts & Festival
:: With Vision Divine:
  Concerts Festival
2010 Italian Tour  
2009 Italian Tour METALFEST(UK)
Days Shocking Ground(Italy)
2008 Italian Tour ITALIAN GODS OF METAL(Italy)
Agglutination Metal Festival(Italy)
2007 Italian Tour
China & Taiwan Tour
South American Tour (Blazil,Paraguay,Chile,Peru,Argentina)
Transilvania Metal Fest(Italy)
Adro Rock Festival(Italy)
Italian Legion Attack Fest(Italy)
Total Metal Festival(Italy)
2006 Italian Tour Gods of Metal(Italy)
Prog Power VII(Usa)

:: With Labyrinth:
  Concerts Festival
2005 Italian Tour METALWAY Fes(Spain)
2004 Banzai Tour (Japan,Taiwan,Hong Kong,China)
Live in London UK with DREAM EVIL
More Than Fest(Slovakia)
2003 Italian Tour  
2002 Italian Tour Italian Attack(Italy)
2001 European Tours 1st part with HELLOWEEN, 2nd part with IRON SAVIOR + NOCTURNAL RITES (Germany,Sweden,France,Belgium,Switzerland)
Italian Tour
Folkets Park Festivals(Sweden)
2000 South American Tour with VISION DIVINE (Mexico,Panama,Brasil,Chile,Argentina)
Italian Tour
Rock Machina(Spain)
1999 Italian Tour
Dynamo Open Air(Holland)
Rock Tiger(Austria)
Gods of Metal(Italy)
1998 European Tours with HAMMERFALL + PRIMAL FEAR + PEGAZUS (Germany,Hungary,Austria,Italy,Belgium,Holland) Gods of Metal(Italy)
Italian Gods of Metal(Italy)

Upcoming live & event

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